Hollywood's Next Big Things!

October 22, 2012 By:
Hollywood's Next Big Things!
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The next big thing is already here; you just don’t know it yet. We round up Hollywood’s Next Big Things: Those brand new stars, shows, music acts, and reality shows that are lurking silently among us, just waiting to become the “Next Big Thing.”

These are the Hollyscoop certified “Next Big Things” presented by Samsung Galaxy S III.

Next Big Reality Star - Honey Boo Boo Child: Move over Kim Kardashian, a 7-year-old pageant queen from Georgia with a penchant for redneckery (is that a thing?) and eating something called “Sketti” is stealing your crown.  Alana “Honey Boo Boo Child” Thompson is slowly creeping her way into our hearts and homes. Rosie O’Donnell and Miley Cyrus are already fans of Alana.

Next Big Movie Star - Liam Hemsworth: You might know him as Miley Cyrus’ better half, but to us, he’s the next big movie star. Liam Hemsworth stars as Gale in the Hunger Games trilogy, which marks his first big franchise, but we feel he can go the way of Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig, Robert Pattinson and go full A-list with tons more movie franchises.

Next Big IT Girl - Elle Fanning: With her older sister doing the college thing, that leaves a space wide open for the next big IT-Girl. In steps 14-year-old Elle Fanning. Whether she’s modeling for Marc Jacobs or starring opposite Angelina Jolie in the upcoming Sleeping Beauty flick, “Maleficent,” we’re expecting big things from this teen.

Next Big Music Act - Frank Ocean: All it took was a blog, coming out of the closet, and a performance at the VMA’s to set this performers career on fire. We’re talking about rising R&B star Frank Ocean. His debut album “Channel Orange” coincided with his heartfelt and public coming-out making him the first openly gay R&B artist and our new favorite music act.

Next Big TV Show- The Mindy Project: It’s no surprise that girls are taking over TV. Whether it’s “New Girl,” “Girls” or “Two Broke Girls” – ladies rule the small screen. We’re rooting for brand new show “The Mindy Project” as the next show you’ll race home to watch. Mindy Kaling ditched her “The Office” roots to star in her brand new sitcom, where she plays a doctor that sucks at dating.