LeAnn Rimes Is Suing Twitter Haters

August 31, 2012 By:
LeAnn Rimes Is Suing Twitter Haters

From her too-many bikini twit pics, to her constant denial of having an eating disorder, to her recent announcement that she’s going to treatment (who does that? Who tells everyone they are on their way to treatment?) Well, now we know that LeAnn Rimes might just be is as crazy as we thought.

LeAnn Rimes is suing two of her Twitter followers for invading her privacy. Here’s the whole weird and complicated story.

Two chicks named Kimberly and Lexi Smiley were lashing out some mad Twitter hate at LeAnn because they are Brandi Glanville supporters, the woman that Eddie Cibrian was married to when he cheated with LeAnn.

Anyway, these Smiley chicks started an Internet campaign to trash LeAnn and since LeAnn has nothing better to do that check her own Google alerts and troll Twitter for haters, she called Kimberly to ask her to stop.

How did she get this girls phone number? Because they have a mutual friend in common. Go figure.

LeAnn called up these fictitiously named “Smiley” girls and tried to play nice but apparently sounded crazy on the phone so the girls recorded the phone call and then posted it online.

LeAnn is suing for invasion of privacy according to the court documents posted on TMZ.

Ahhh, so is this the “stress and anxiety” that LeAnn went to rehab for?

This news comes just after the news that LeAnn thinks Eddie Cibrian is cheating on her.