Lamar’s Mistress: He Was Lost and Troubled

September 4, 2013 By:
Lamar’s Mistress: He Was Lost and Troubled

The sad spiraling saga of Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian continues to shock us.

Just when everyone nearly forgot that Lamar originally made headlines for a cheating scandal because of his newly reported drug addiction, the two worlds collide.

His most vocal and long-term mistress Jennifer Richardson tells Hollyscoop that while she never witnessed Lamar’s drug abuse, he was honest about his drug issues, was “troubled” around her, but was adamant about not wanting to go to rehab.

“He was very troubled and distant in the time that we spent together. You could definitely tell something was wrong with him.  He was very lost,” Jennifer tells us, “He spoke about using drugs before and that he had a problem. Lamar had been struggling with addiction for a few years, but he never did drugs in front of me or around me.”

So, if Lamar has a huge drug problem, then why did Jennifer never see it?

“Lamar was in season the whole time we were together, so he had to be drug-free. Otherwise he would have inevitably been suspended from the NBA if he was caught using,” she reveals.

That also explains why he was never caught using by the NBA, apparently he kept his drug problem confined to the off-season.

Despite Lamar’s candid drug talk with Jennifer, going to rehab or quitting was never an option.

“We didn’t speak about him going into recovery. He never wanted to go into recovery. It is not something that he wanted or was looking for.”

But even after all the infidelity and drug abuse, another source close to the basketball star tells us that Lamar is going to do whatever it takes to stay with Khloe.