Lady Gaga Beats out Oprah for Forbes Most Powerful Women

August 25, 2011 By:
Lady Gaga Beats out Oprah for Forbes Most Powerful Women

Want to make it on the Forbes annual list of the worlds most powerful women? Did you almost become president? Did you marry a guy who became president? Have you ever worn a meat dress and change your wig often?

If you cannot answer yes to any of those question, than you aren't Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, or Lady Gaga, three of the ladies that Forbes has listed as three of the worlds most powerful women.

Forbes, a company that counts other people's money for a living, just released its annual list of "World's 100 Most Powerful Women."

While the list also includes other important women who run companies and countries and have many piles of money, I'm only going to focus on the hollywood-types who made the list, because let's face it, Indra Nooyi the Cheif Executive of PepsiCo, I don't know who you are.

Quick roundup of the world leaders who made the list, #1 was Angela Merkel (The Chancellor of Germany), #2 was HIlary Clinton (Secretary of State) and #3 is Dilma Rousseff (President of Brazil). So these women run countries, but let's talk about the showbiz stars...

Gaga is the highest placing celebrity on the top 100 list, making it to spot #11 ahead of Oprah, who made the #14 spot, dropping down from the third spot last year. Beyonce landed the No. 18 spot, Angelina Jolie is No. 29, Sarah Palin at No. 34, Diane Sawyer is No. 47, Queen Elizabeth No. 49, Ellen Degeneres placed No. 55, Gisele Bundchen is No. 60 and Anna Wintour is No. 69.

If Justin Bieber stopped wearing baggy pants, I'm sure he could have wriggled his way onto this ladies only list.

How do you feel that Lady Gaga placed #11 following up a group of ladies who do things like run countries? According to Forbes, Gaga is more than just a "government hooker."

Here's the highlight reel according to Forbes on why she is so powerful: Made $90 mil last year; first twitter user to reach 12 million followers; she has 36 million Facebook fans; she has promotional deals with Google, Zynga and Gilt; is a financial backer in Backplane, a Silicon Valley start-up founded by her longtime manager; and she raised more than $202 million in the fight against HIV and AIDS by endorsing MAC's Viva Glam lipstick.

Did you know she did all those things? Dayumm. Gaga already toppled Oprah earlier this year when she made the top spot on the magazine's World's Most Powerful Celebrity women list. This list was basically the same thing as they just released now, but only focused on celebs. Gaga placed #1 with Oprah Winfrey stealing the #2 spot.