Gaga Outscores Queen Elizabeth II On Forbes List Of Most Powerful Women

August 22, 2012 By:
Gaga Outscores Queen Elizabeth II On Forbes List Of Most Powerful Women

Go stepping in these ladies paths and you’re in for a tail-kickin’.

Forbes has released their 2012 100 Most Powerful Women list. Topping the chart this year are big names in politics and humanitarian work. But also sneaking in for some top spot mentions were some of our favor celebrity names.

Beating out heavy hitting women like Diane Sawyer and even Queen Elizabeth II, Lady Gaga shines through for an impressive spot on the list. The “You and I” singer arrived at number 14.

At first glance, the rating might not sound like a major accomplishment, but with fellow celebrities not showing up until the 30s there’s denying the triumph.

Forbes cites Gaga’s 26 million-strong Twitter following – a.k.a. her Little Monsters – and her massive annual haul as the source of her high marks. The Mama Monster scored a solid $52 million in 2011.

The business news outlet also sourced Gaga’s philanthropic efforts through her Born This Way Foundation as a sign of her power status.

Scrolling down the list, the next big name we’ll catch is Beyoncé at number 32. Her abilities as a musician, actress, entrepreneur, and – most importantly – strong mother helped earn her the spot.

Other names you might expect to see on the list are there… Angelina Jolie earned herself a 66 spot, Gisele Bundchen got number 88, Ellen DeGeneres is lucky number 47, and Sofia Vergara landed at 75…

Oddly, J.Lo, who soared over Gaga on Forbes’ Top Celebrities list, fell way behind on the power list, coming in at 38.

If you’re wondering who was strong enough for number one, it’s Angela Merkel, the 58-year-old Chancellor of Germany and “Iron Lady” of Europe. Hilary

Clinton was close behind at number two.