Adam Lambert Gets 'Embarrassingly Drunk' at Lady Gaga Party

April 1, 2011 By:
Adam Lambert Gets 'Embarrassingly Drunk' at Lady Gaga Party

It’s not a party until a ceiling gets punched. Everyone’s favorite Liza Minnelli drag queen, Adam Lambert, was kicked out of Lady Gaga’s birthday party for being a drunken mess.

You’ve got to do some annoying sh-t to have Lady Gaga kick you out. And he did.

After excessive fist pumping, which led to punching a hole in the ceiling, shoving cake in Gaga’s face, and jumping on tables and chairs screaming, Gaga asked security to escort Lambert out.

Lambert tweeted: "Was trying for celebratory gesture 4 gaga's B- piñata style...instead my fist is all bruised and la cita has a hole in the ceiling. #sloppy."

I love how Lambert takes the time to spell out “celebratory” but the word “for” is just way too much work.

And get this. Lambert wasn’t even invited to the bash. Who does he think he is, Kanye?

Lambert is going to join the Hollywood birthday party blacklist along with Christina Aguilera, if he doesn’t watch it. Aguilera put on a drunken show at Jeremy Renner’s birthday party back in January, and then fell asleep in his bed. She was also uninvited.

I wonder who smears more mascara when they’re drunk.