Why Was Kristen Stewart at a Tattoo Parlor In Texas?

April 10, 2013 By:
Why Was Kristen Stewart at a Tattoo Parlor In Texas?


Kristen Stewart went to Marfa, Texas over the weekend, wore SPF for her pale vampire skin and stopped by a tattoo parlor.

Several fans spotted Kristen in her signature “Irie” shirt at the Sun City Tattoo parlor, where she was apparently accompanying a girl friend that was getting some new ink.

Like most KStew sightings, it was “confirmed” by someone on Twitter.

@JadareKristen wrote: “The pics were taken last weekend. Apparently Scout was getting a new tattoo and Kristen was there with her.”

Another fan wrote, “OMG, I think I just saw Kristen of Twilight here, in Marfa with a red-hair-girl and her boy…Robert Pattinson in Marfa!!!”

However, that fan was mistaken. Rob didn’t appear in any of the fan photos and a source at the tattoo parlor says Rob was not in attendance.

But the bigger mystery remains…what kind of tattoo did Kristen get? Unfortunately she didn’t get a tat at all. She was just providing emotional support for her friend and was reportedly “just looking around” according to the source at the tattoo shop.

Kristen was in town to attend a friend’s wedding apparently. An NON-famous, so we're clear. 

In related news, Kristen’s birthday was yesterday and she and Rob are planning to attend Coachella next weekend to celebrate. So if you’re of the stalking/hipster variety, you can see them there.