Why ‘Twilight’ Author Won’t Work with Kristen Stewart Again

August 12, 2013 By:
Why ‘Twilight’ Author Won’t Work with Kristen Stewart Again

Austenland is a world far removed from Twilight. From Stephenie Meyer, the creator of the famed vampire series, comes a foray into a female society obsessed with 18th century English novelist Jane Austen.

In the film adaptation of the book Austenland by Shannon Hale, Kerri Russell stars as a single, thirtysomething woman looking for the perfect gentlemen in this romantic comedy, but her role could’ve been substituted with another familiar face: Kristen Stewart.

Except the harsh reality is that Stephenie may never work with Kristen ever again.

“There are times when you see a role and think, ‘Oh, man, so-and-so would kill this,’ but you don’t want to be incestuous with your cast,” Stephenie said to Hollyscoop, citing a former collaborator as an example.

I would have loved to use Kristen Stewart, she is super talented, but people are going to see Bella,” she said. “Austenland was all grown-ups. It was a completely different cast and everyone was so mature and awesome. It was nice to get to meet new people."

It’s a bit severe to imagine that these two won’t be working together anytime in the near future, but that’s the irony of the Twilight series. The two made so much on-screen magic together, it’s difficult for audiences to separate the two. Their collaboration was so successful, the Twilight series would overshadow any project, if the two ever worked together again.