Why the Paparazzi are Ruining KStew's Friendships

August 8, 2013 By:
Why the Paparazzi are Ruining KStew's Friendships

So, celebrities hate paparazzi…that’s kind of a no-brainer, right?

But when the paparazzi make your friends so overwhelmed that they consider distancing themselves from you…that’s gotta suck.

Actress Lily Collins told Glamour magazine about that one time when she was hanging out with paparazzi magnet Kristen Stewart. The flashing lights and hordes of creepy stalkerish men was just too much to handle.

“I had the experience with Kristen where there were paparazzi waiting outside a restaurant and we were followed afterwards, and I do think it’s such a crazy job to follow someone in order to get a picture,” says the actress, “I get how much pictures are worth, but that is just so bizarre to me.”

But it’s not just bizarre to Kristen, she hates it. Last time a paparazzi tried to take a photo of her, she told him he didn’t “deserve” to “breathe the same air” that she did.

We’re not sure that Lily Collins is at that level of hate…yet.

Perhaps Lily's not used to the kind of attention Kristen is coping with. Really, did anyone see her version of Snow White?