Weirdest Prep Work Celebs Have Had to Do For a Role

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Weirdest Prep Work Celebs Have Had to Do For a Role

Some celebs bulk up for a role, lose some weight, maybe brush up on a foreign accent..but other celebs take their movie roles VERY seriously. So seriously in fact that they do some weird sh-t, like bleaching their eyebrows, living in a homeless shelter, or refusing to eat food for months.

Check out the weird prep work that some celebs did to win a role.

Rooney Mara: In order to get the role of Lisbeth Salander in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” Rooney Mara had to get her eyebrows bleached, her hair chopped off, and her lip, brow, nose, and nipple pierce all on the same day. She called the multiple piercing visit, “very intense.”

Keira Knightley: To prep for her role as a mental patient in the film, “A Dangerous Method” Kiera Knightly said she plastered her trailer with grotesque and disturbing images so she could be in a constant state of turmoil. Ughh, sounds horrible. Not only that, but in order to get the job, she had to practice her “sex” face over a skype interview with the director.

Vanessa Hudgens: Hudgens lived in a homeless shelter for two weeks as research for her role in “Gimme Shelter” where she plays a homeless pregnant teen. I wonder when she found the time to be homeless AND get smoothies and go to the gym with Ashley Tisdale?

Charice Pempengco: The 18-year-old actress and youtube sensation reportedly got botox before she made an appearance on Glee last year. Did I mention that she’s only 18!

Christian Bale: A lot of actors lose or gain weight for a role, but none compare to Christian Bale who once lost 65 pounds for his role in “The Machinist.” If “skeleton” was the look he was going for, he succeeded. He said he literally stopped eating foods for months and only consumed liquids. However, he says he’d never lose that much weight for a role ever again, mostly because he values being alive!

Kristen Stewart: To prep for her role as a stripper in indie flick, “Welcome to the Rileys,” Kristen Stewart did some pole dancing at a New Orleans strip club, “I danced on the bar there three nights this week, and my legs are covered in bruises.” Apparently she was so good at stripping that she was offered a job to be an exotic dancer.

Meryl Streep: For her Oscar winning role in “Sophie’s Choice,” Meryl Streep cut off all he hair, lost 25 pounds and learned how to speak German fluently. She didn’t just read her lines in German, she legitimately learned the speak the language.

Joaquin Phoenix: Remember when Joaquin Phoenix quit acting to become a rapper? Well, that’s almost true. It was really just a hoax for his mocumentary, “I’m Not There” but he took it very seriously and appeared on Letterman and at various nightclubs in Las Vegas with a huge beard, sunglasses and acting totally drugged up and attempting to rap. It was weird, we all thought he had fallen off the horse, but really he was just super committed to the role.