Non Rocker Celebs With The Most Rockstar Style

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Non Rocker Celebs With The Most Rockstar Style
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In honor of tonight’s premiere episode of “Style Rocks” presented by G by GUESS, the rockstar-come-stylist mega show, let’s take a moment to reflect on those celebs with the absolute best rocker style.Advertisement

From Russell Brand to Johnny Depp to Kristen Stewart, it doesn’t even matter if you are a rock musician, it’s the attitude that matters.

Russell Brand: His shaggy hair, that scruffy beard, his strange obsession with scarves paired WITH suits. Russell has definite rocker style and I don’t even think he can play an instrument.

Johnny Depp: Is it his peach fuzz mustache or his long hair? Is it his John Lennon glasses or his pseudo fedora hats? I don’t know what it is, but Johnny Depp dresses like a total rock star.

Marc Jacobs: This MALE fashion designer has been known to rock a dress. Now THAT’S rockstar!

Kristen Stewart: So she played Joan Jett in a movie, but Kristen is far from the actual music scene. That being said, she has total rocker attitude and style. The Converse shoes, the grungy flannel, all of it!

Kelly Osbourne: Her dad may be rocker royalty, but Kelly is more known for her rocker chic fashion sense! She’ll pair red carpet gowns with tats or ripped jeans with purple hair. Her look is crazy cool.

G by GUESS presents “Style Rocks” is the ultimate style-off and karaoke superfan death match rolled into one cool package and two must-watch episodes. Three teams are challenged to put together the ultimate rockstar outfit then put those awesome costumes to the test in a karaoke match onstage at the famous Key Club in LA.

The winning team snags the ultimate prize: A hang-out sesh with the band Cobra Starship!

Tune in tonight for the premiere to see if these teams have what it takes to party (and dress) like rockstars.