Kristen Stewart Parties With Taylor Lautner Again

March 6, 2013 By:
Kristen Stewart Parties With Taylor Lautner Again

OMG is a real-life Team Jacob happening? Did Robert Pattinson go to Australia for nearly two months, leaving his lady love Kristen Stewart resorting to crying into the sculpted abs of her trusted bestfriend Taylor Lautner!?

ERHM MY GERD! This is exactly like The Twilight Saga: New Moon minus all the attempted suicide and cliff diving. Otherwise, it’s JUST LIKE IT!

Kristen, a gaggle of her gal pals and Taylor all went to the Marcus Foster concert at the Troubadour in Hollywood last night. Ok, HOLD UP. This is Kristen’s SECOND Marcus Foster concert in ONE WEEK!

She went with Katy Perry’s assistant Tamra Natisin to his concert on Sunday night. One of Kristen’s friends must be dating Marcus or Kristen is a hard core groupie now. Tamra was also at the concert last night as well.

It should be noted that KStew, Taylor and all her girl friends are wearing backward hats. Like, all the time. It’s all they wear. They must be starting a trend. Which leads us to our next question…where do you buy these hats?

Do you think all her gal pals dress like KStew and wear the same hats to throw off the paparazzi? That’s actually very clever. Good job ladies.

Taylor looked super HOT in his backwards hat and all black ensemble, by the way.

Meanwhile, Rob is all alone in Australia filming that movie while all his friends are having fun without him.

It IS strange that Kristen hasn’t gone to visit him, no?