Did Kristen Stewart Really Reunite with Rupert Sanders?!

April 23, 2013 By:
Did Kristen Stewart Really Reunite with Rupert Sanders?!


Can it really be? Is this actually happening? WHAT IS LIFE ANYMORE?

These are the questions racing through our minds ever since our sights fell upon a series of shoddy, albeit universe-imploding photos that nearly made our eyes melt with confusion, sadness, fury, and other stuff that contributes to tears.

Some things just cannot be unseen. For example, Kristen Stewart getting back into a car with Rupert Sanders last evening.

Kristen spent most of the past nine months climbing through an avalanche of negative press, a heavy pile of paparazzi photos displaying Kristen rounding second base with her then-director Rupert while she was dating Rob Pattinson.

They were the shots heard ‘round the world. That first sound of a camera’s lens first capturing the Kristen-Rob-Rupert Love Triangle Extravaganza-schmanza was our generation’s Lexington and Concord.

Now these photos from last night suggest she may be reuniting with Rupert. In them, the actress is seen leaving a Los Feliz restaurant, getting in a black vehicle similar to the one Rupert whisked her away in on the road to Cheatersville.

Well, prepare to go back to a worry-free existence, because it’s not Rupert. Just someone with a strong British profile and receding hairline.

“That’s the valet,” a source close to Kristen tells Hollyscoop. “The facts are it’s the car of one of the girls out to dinner with Kristen.”

Look, through her red carpet appearances and a collection of Twilight fan-fiction, we’ve come to get really close to Kristen. We trust she would never do something so stupid again. She’s smart enough to know that if she were to reunite with a regrettable decision, you don’t return to the scene of the crime. In Kristen’s case, anything with wheels.