Kristen Chenoweth Channels Kim Kardashian's Ass at American Country Awards

December 6, 2011 By:
Kristen Chenoweth Channels Kim Kardashian's Ass at American Country Awards

Kristin Chenoweth's booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin' everywhere. Literally. Glee co-star and Broadway darling Kristin Chenoweth hosted last night's American Country Awards with Trace Adkins and during a sketch where she performed Adkin's hit song "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" Chenoweth padded her butt so extreme, she could have butt-doubled for Kim Kardashian.

Whether it was her huge ass or her talent, the show was a hit last night. The awards show telecast grabbed 7.4 million viewers; up from last year's 6 million.

After the show she tweeted, "I gave good badonkydonk!"

Let me explain something about country music and references to private parts. Some of you may be wondering why anyone over the age of 5 is referring to their butt as a "badonkydonk," for some reason country artists like to do this, but if you listen closely to the lyrics, it ain't that clean.

Trace Adkins original lyrics, as sung by Kristin Chenoweth include, "Get the Sheriff on the phone/Lord have mercy/how's she even get them britches on/That Honky tonk badonkadonk" and also "We hate to see her go, but we love to watch her leave," and finally, "When she gets the urge to dance/Drivin' everybody crazy/You think you fell in love/Boy, you better keep your distance/You can look but you can't touch, that honkey tonk badonkadonk."

It's the country equivalent of "Baby Got Back," essentially.

Chenoweth padded her behind to look more like a Kardashian behind, but Kim K claims her but is au natural, despite claims by Kris Humphries that Kim padded her ass sometimes.

"He knows what the real thing looks like - because he's recorded it on his cell phone camera!" says an insider.

Anyways... less butts, more music. Chenoweth had a blast hosting the show, according to her tweets, "I had fun!!! Wahoooooo" and also, "Goodnight all! I had so much fun with @traceadkins. I love you honey! Congrats ACA winners and nominees!"

Last night's big winner was Jason Aldean who picked up six awards last night. Carrie Underwood left with three awards, while Blake Shelton won video of the year for "Who Are You When I'm Not Looking" as well as single of the year and video of the year for a male artist. Band Thompson Square also went home with three awards.

Surprisingly, Taylor Swift was snubbed at the awards show, taking home zero awards. It's okay; the Kids Choice awards are coming up in a few months, right?