Kris Jenner Begging Kanye West to Be on Her Show

July 3, 2013 By:
Kris Jenner Begging Kanye West to Be on Her Show

On Monday, July 15, the most “katastrophic" talk show ever will air.

Kris Jenner’s self-titled program, Kris, is set for its big debut, and insiders are already calling it a total flop in the making, a “complete failure.”

Two things: 1) Apparently her diva antics aren’t helping steer this venture towards a commercial success.

According to a Star source, “She barks that her water isn’t the right temperature and belittles staffers over ridiculous things, even the clothes they wear.” She’s also banned her husband Bruce Jenner from the set because “the last thing anyone needs is the distraction of their constant bickering.”

Furthermore: 2) Kris is two weeks away and still fraught with a relatively empty guest list.

To boost ratings and capitalize on all the North West news, Kris has reportedly begged Kanye West to sit down with her on the show, but he “turned down her plea to be the first guest.” He supposedly, out of family loyalty, considered it, but didn’t appreciate the proposal of using his newborn to hype her show.