Snooki to Kim Kardashian: Stop Working

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Snooki to Kim Kardashian: Stop Working
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Now that Snooki has popped out her first kid, she’s ready to hand out mommy tips as if they were shots at club Aztec.

The “Jersey Shore” star turned mom is apparently seeking out fellow celeb moms-to-be to offer them suggestions. For Kim Kardashian, the hottest bump on the block right now, she offers this gem of advice: Kick your feet up, girl!

During a recent press tour alongside bestie, Jennifer "JWoww" Farley, Snooks relayed her advice to E! News’ Marc Malkin.

“I think she's going to do great,” the guidette told the reporter. “I only just hope she relaxes and just enjoys being pregnant.”

Apparently, Kim’s jetting over to Europe on a whim, being über-famous, collecting massive checks from her ever-increasing empire, and tweeting at her 17 million Twitter followers is Snooki’s idea of a tough day.

“I just hope she doesn't push herself, because I know she likes to work,” she added. “She should just relax.”

Those of you taking Snooki’s suggestions to heart should be reminded that this is the same “expert mother” who admitted to drinking while breastfeeding, using the ol’ pump and dump technique.

Anyway, in terms of Kim’s new man, Kanye, Snooks gave soaring remarks, calling him, “the perfect guy.”

Of course, the big question with the Kimye baby is whether or not we’ll get to see the birth on one of Kim’s various reality shows. Snooki chimed in on that topic too:

“That's up to her,” she said. “Look at me, I had cameras following me the whole time. But that's really up to her.”