Rob Kardashian To Kim: I Hope Your Sex Tape Haunts You Forever

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Rob Kardashian To Kim: I Hope Your Sex Tape Haunts You Forever
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Rob Kardashian isn’t very happy with his sister Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Kanye West right now.

During last night’s episode of “Kourtney & Kim Take Miami” Rob reportedly asked Kim to ask Kanye if he’d rap on a track with his friend and Kim was all like, “I’m not going to ask my rap mogul boyfriend to lay down a verse on your two-cent rapper friend’s album.”

She didn’t actually say those words, we embellished a bit, but Kim basically told Rob she wouldn’t ask Kanye for the favor.

According to Kim, Rob then texted her, “I hope your sex tape haunts you for the rest of your life and I’m going to publicly bash you and Kanye.”

Well, he’s YET to do this public bashing, because apparently Kim and Rob made up before he could do it.

“I wanted to apologize. Obviously the things I said to you in the text message, I was just being mean,” Rob told her.

To which Kim said, “I appreciate you being mature and calling me instead of dragging this fight out.”


In related news, Kris Humphries is an idiot.

Kris and Kim are heading to court to finally get that divorce on May 6th and coincidentally, Kris would be right in the middle of the NBA playoffs.

Sources tell TMZ that if a game falls on the same day as the trial, he’ll go to the trial instead.

Here’s why this is dumb. Kris could settle the case in April, long before the playoffs, but he won’t do it because he thinks he actually has a case against Kim for “frauding” him into marriage, as if that’s a real thing.

Because the couple had a prenup, Kris isn’t getting anything in the trial but if he doesn’t play a game he could risk his $24 million contract with the Brooklyn Nets, potentially costing him alot of money in this whole ordeal.