Reggie and Kim Kardashian's Family: It's All Good!

March 29, 2010 By:
Reggie and Kim Kardashian's Family: It's All Good!

Reggie Bush may be single again, but he’s not slutting himself all over Hollywood like most guys would!

The football star was spotted at Drai’s in Hollywood over the weekend partying it up with ex Kim Kardashian’s brother Brody Jenner.

There’s clearly no bad blood between the guys following Reggie’s breakup with Kim—the two partied it up with DMX and Brody’s new girl Avril Lavigne and other friends.

And while Reggie seemed to be perfectly fine just hanging with his friends, it didn’t stop reported “Kim K look-alikes” hounding him all night long. Sources say Reggie ignored the bevy of women around him, and spent most of the night texting.

Maybe Reggie was updating his Twitter too, since he tweeted, “ALL THE LADIES, STEP RIGHT UP! If you would like to be the next person linked to dating Reggie Bush all you gotta do is stand next to him!!!”

So if Reggie isn’t interested in anyone else, what was the reason for his and Kim’s split? X17 Online claims it’s because Reggie didn’t want to settle down with someone who had a sex tape.

But we highly doubt that, since that happened so long ago, and Kim has gone on to be known for so much more than just that. It’s probably due in part to their hectic schedules, as well as the age difference—Kim is 29, while Reggie is only 24.

So with Reggie out of the picture, who should Kim date next?