Race to the Altar: Kim, Kunis, RiRi, Perry, Hough…

February 19, 2013 By:
Race to the Altar: Kim, Kunis, RiRi, Perry, Hough…
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Julianne and Ryan; Kim and Kanye; Katy Perry and John Mayer; Rihanna and Chris Brown; Mila and Ashton…

Recently, these couples have become fixed units in our celebrity headlines. So much so that they have us guessing that all of them could get engaged within the next 365-ish days…

Here are Hollyscoop’s predictions on when these lovely ladies of the spotlight will get popped the big question.

1. Julianne Hough: End of February.

It’s no secret that this couple has wedding bells in their future. Julianne and her beau, Ryan Seacrest, are so close to getting engaged that they might already secretly be betrothed. More on that here.

The reason we think the news will arrive at the end of this month is because that’s when live “American Idol” shows begin. What better stage for Ryan to pop the question (or make the big announcement)?

2. Kim Kardashian: Mid-June

The reality star is due to give birth to her first child in July. We think she’ll get a ring by then from father-to-be Kanye.

Hopefully her divorce from Kris Humphries will be cleared up by then, too. Trial is set for May 6.

3. Katy Perry: July-August

Nothing says “summer” quite like a popsicle, some Katy Perry music, and a celebrity engagement.

The singer seems to be seeing fireworks since she began dating John Mayer in the summer of 2012. Their one-year anniversary could come with a ring. 

On-again, off-again or not, Katy was photographed with a heart-shaped ruby on her ring finger following her romantic Valentine’s date last week. We’re not saying it’s an engagement ring, but who steps out like that and isn’t trying to make a statement? 

4. Rihanna: Fall (or tomorrow)

Nothing is predictable about Rihanna, so we’re not going to even pretend to know when she'll start to settle down.

Fall ’13 allows plenty of time for the heat with the Chris Brown make-up to die down. By then the bottles will hopefully stop flying. She could also break-up, make-up, and break-up again with Breezy by then…

Or, she might get married tomorrow. Like we said, there’s no use trying to read the tea leaves here.

5. Mila Kunis: Christmas

Ashton Kutcher tends to be the romantic type. Or, at least he plays one in crappy movies like No Strings Attached and Valentine’s Day.

Something feels right about a holiday engagement for the former “That ‘70s Show” lovers, so we’re going to go ahead and predict it. Hell, if we’re wrong you’ll probably forget about it by then anyway.