North West to Make TV Appearance This Friday

August 20, 2013 By:
North West to Make TV Appearance This Friday

If you’re holding your breath until the big unveiling of North West, here's some important information for your crippling respiratory system…

You only have to wait until Friday.

Kanye West, who already filmed an interview with Kris Jenner for her daytime talk show “Kris,” apparently reveals a photo of his daughter on the program.

According to those close to the set, the image of North flashed on the screen for a brief second—a blink of an eye really, this way no one in the audience could snap a photo of it onscreen.

TMZ was told that in the editing room the reveal will be made to last longer than during the filming.

This is kind of an “everyone wins” situation. Kim Kardashian and Kanye get to reveal their daughter without conflating the going price of the first “official” photos for a magazine. This will also lay to rest any rumors that the pair would reveal the baby in person on the show. As for Kris, she will probably get a nice ratings boost for her finale.