Kris Humphries Sweats It Out With Kim Kardashian's Lawyers

June 25, 2012 By:
Kris Humphries Sweats It Out With Kim Kardashian's Lawyers

And so begins what is shaping up to be some messy divorce proceedings…

Kris Humphries was deposed Monday in the divorce case with Kim Kardashian. The Brooklyn Nets forward alleges Kim K married him for the sole reason of boosting the ratings of her television show.

The baller was grilled today by Kim's legal team, a move which will serve as part one of what is sure to be a nasty divorce. The reality star will reportedly be questioned in Los Angeles within the next 10 days.

According to Us Weekly, Kim’s lawyer Laura Wasser feels that the media’s involvement is dragging this case out.

“I feel that the respondent's personal feelings and maybe some media drive is keeping this case from getting resolved," Wasser reportedly told the court.

Despite their brief 72-day marriage, Kim will attempt to prove that she entered into their marriage with the full intention of making the relationship work.

Kris has demanded $7 million from Kim for pain and suffering. Besides the media, there’s one other thing standing in Kris’ way: an “iron-clad prenuptial agreement.”

In addition to his quickly unraveling case, Kris also has an ex-girlfriend Myla Sinanaj that Kim has brought to the table. Reportedly, Myla has some juicy text messages from Kris calling her the love of his life and wishing that Kim and his divorce was over already so that he could be with her.

Not so torn up after all, are ya, Kris?

What will Kim get when she proves that she’s right?

"If Ms. Kardashian prevails and it is shown that there was no fraud, then she will obviously be requesting that the legal fees be paid by Mr. Humphries,” Wasser said.

I hope you’ve got some magic up your sleeve, Kris.