Kris Humphries to Kim K: Don't Throw Your Baby in My Face

February 8, 2013 By:
Kris Humphries to Kim K: Don't Throw Your Baby in My Face

The ongoing divorce tribulations between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries continue to be ongoing…

After reports were popping up that Kim was desperate to legally end her relationship to the NBAer prior to giving birth, it appears that Kris could care less. His overall option seems to be: “Idk.”

A source tells People mag that Kris is determined to get what he wants out of the split.

“He feels that even if she's pregnant, she still has to deal with the mess she made,” the source said. “He thinks their entire marriage was a fraud, and he's not going to just give up because of the situation.”

The source added that Kris maintains his reasons were pure for entering into the sacred bond with the Kardashian and, therefore, he wants an annulment 

“He never wanted to be married more than once and he feels like she cheated him out of the chance to have a real, loving marriage,” the source said.

This new addition to the couple’s war comes after it was learned that Kim filed a motion for a trial date to be set, or for a judge to grant her a divorce – with an amendment to settle her and Kris' financial disputes later…

In other words, Kim doesn’t want to give birth to Kanye’s baby when she’s still technically married to someone else… It kind of looks bad.

Kim is due to give in July. Until then, let the battle continue!