Kris Humphries Determined to Destroy Kim's Show

February 13, 2013 By:
Kris Humphries Determined to Destroy Kim's Show


The battle rages on between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries in their journey to legally become single people again.

According to reports the NBAer is far more concerned with proving that Kim’s reality show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” is staged, rather than trying to prove that their promptly ended marriage was a complete sham. 

The latest, according to TMZ, is that Kris will do the unthinkable and “blow the lid off” of “KUWTK” as a scripted show.

Documents filed by Kris’ lawyer, Lee Hutton, present the following questions: 

  • “Is any aspect of season 6 [which features Humphries] scripted?  If so, who maintains those scripts?”
  • "Are storyboards created for season 6?”
  • “It's not uncommon for a producer ... to give direction to cast members during a particular scene, is it?
  • “Can you tell me who gave direction to the characters for the Bora Bora episode on what topics they should discuss? [The episode in which Kris finds out Kim had previously been married].” 

In other words, Kris will attempt to prove what pretty much everyone in the modern world already knows: REALITY TV IS FAKE.

Judging by the questions, this will probably help demonstrate that the wedding was staged by producers right along with everything else. But, still…

Meanwhile, Kim’s lawyer maintains the position of: Kris is a straight up liar and not very good at basketball either.