Kim Kardashian's Nannies Make As Much Money As A Surgeon

February 14, 2013 By:
Kim Kardashian's Nannies Make As Much Money As A Surgeon
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There’s a report floating around the web that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are hiring three nannies to take care of baby Kimye and apparently each of those nannies will make $260,000 a year! Each! To watch 1/3 of a baby's life!

That breaks down to about $700 a day! Is that a stupid amount of money? Yes.

If you can’t nab a job as Kim’s live-in babysitter, try one of these real-world occupations that pay like you have Kim K as your boss.

Surgeon: Most surgeons make $300,000 a year, but if you’re a budget surgeon, say an oral surgeon, you’re probably making $250,000 a year. Also, surgeons go to school for about 8-12 years, so…it’s just like being a nanny, except not at all. 

Corporate Lawyers: Depending on where you work, some corporate lawyers can make $250,000 a year, but that’s a well-paid, very expensive lawyer. Some corporate lawyers only make $100,000 a year. Maybe some of them should consider the nanny business.

Strippers: Strippers don’t make $260,000 a year, but if Kim’s nannies are making $700 a day, that’s how much a decent stripper makes in a semi-affluent strip club on a Friday night. $700 a night? That’s stripper money, yo!

Stock Market Managers: Not exactly sure what this job entails, but it’s involved in the nebulous world of “finance.” Some people with this job start at an hourly rate of $73 an hour!

Gynecologist: The person that pulls a baby out of you makes the same amount of money per year as the person who is going to put baby Kimye’s diapers into a Hermes bag does.