Kim Kardashian Moving To Paris

February 28, 2013 By:
Kim Kardashian Moving To Paris
Image By: Splash News

If you recall, Kanye West is a “fashion designer,” like a real one. Not the I-made-this-for-K-Mart-My-Name-Is-Sofia-Vergara kind of designer.

And as fashion designers are known to do, Kanye has to move to Paris because you can’t design clothing in any other city in the world. It’s a fact. You try to pin some fabric on a model in the U.S. and it instantly goes up in flames. Since Kanye is heading to Paris, so is Kim Kardashian. Indefinitely? Maybe.

So Kanye wants to move to the City of Light for at least two months to “work on his music and fashion line” because “Kanye loves the city’s creative vibe” a source told The Mirror. Duh, of course. Paris, so much more creative than Calabasas.

Kim is having their child in July, so naturally she wants to be by his side, so Kim will relocate to France with him.

What will we do without daily photo sightings of Kim Kardashian? Paparazzi laws are stricter in Europe, but a celeb like Kim's career thrives on pap photos. We might forget who she is if she escapes to France and nurses her baby! Not like we’d object to that happening…just saying.

The couple has vacationed in Paris twice in the past year…maybe they were scoping out real estate.