Kim Kardashian Having a Boy, Says Psychic

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Kim Kardashian Having a Boy, Says Psychic
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Because we're psychic and know what you're about to do, we'll start off by saying: Do not roll your eyes at that headline!

Believe us—or UK's premier celebrity psychic Jayne Wallace rather—when we say we're already anticipating that Kim Kardashian is going to have a boy with Kanye West.

Back in October, Jayne made a few predictions to Hollyscoop and count your constellations, a big, big, pregnant one came true.

"I'm being shown there's a boy, so I'm going to say Kim might get pregnant before she actually gets a ring on that finger," Jayne told us a whole two months before Kanye dropped that baby bump-shell on stage right before New Year's Eve.

Now we're taking her other prediction casually thrown in there a lot more seriously—the gender of the heir to the throne, Lil Kimye.

Another piece of news on the horizon is apparently one we're not even going to see. Jayne predicts that Kim and Kanye won't be putting on a grand spectacle when they decide to get married after the baby is born since the rapper is the man of her dreams and "wants to be more quiet, he wants to sit back, he doesn't want to be surrounded by paparazzi."

“I am seeing a secret wedding and I am seeing a big, big diamond ring and I feel around the month of September of next year they’ll fly off to a secret location," Jayne also claims. "I’m seeing marriage."

Now, no one needs Venus in retrograde or the rising moon of Gemini to tell us that Kanye's going to give Kim a ring the size of Jupiter. But a private wedding? For Kim? Okay, now you can roll your eyes.