Kim Kardashian Explains What Her ‘Job’ Is

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Kim Kardashian Explains What Her ‘Job’ Is
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Kim Kardashian makes a living out of, well, living. Breathing air. Blinking. Being alive, basically.

In a new interview with Vogue, the reality TV star/white hot bikini swimsuit model of the week explained that the process of inhaling oxygen and exhaling it all in the form of carbon dioxide is harder than it looks.

Everyone can do it, but not everyone can do it like Kim and her Kardashian Klan.

“The biggest misconception about my family and me is that we're lazy," explained Kim. "I work hard, the show [“Keeping Up with the Kardashians”] is a full-time job. Sometimes I don't think people realize that—we work 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. on the program.”

Responding to one of the most common criticisms of the Kardashians (just ask Katie Couric), Kim responded to the haters.

“People think, 'Well, what do they do?' We do so much, we work on the show, on fragrances, on our fashion line - there's a lot. Also, people have this idea that my mum [Kris Jenner] controls us all and will book her kids to do anything if it makes money. I am in my thirties - my mum can't tell me what to do."