Kim Kardashian Divorce Trial Date Set

February 15, 2013 By:
Kim Kardashian Divorce Trial Date Set

Kim Kardashian may finally get that divorce she’s been asking for. A date has finally been set for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries to go to trial.

We’re calling it, KARDASHIAN GOES TO KOURT and it’s happening on May 6.

We’re actually surprised they are getting a date set, because Kris’ lawyer Marshall Waller dropped out of the case last night, which had us thinking that Kris would ask for another extension.

Kris has been asking for extensions and postponing the trial date for a year and a half and today both party's lawyers went to court and the judge set a trial date and told Kris’ lawyers, “[Humphries] has had more than adequate time to prepare.”

Kris has always claimed that Kim frauded him into marriage, and to be completely honest, A LOT of people thought that. I mean, they were married 6 months after meeting and put their engagement and wedding on TV!

Anyways, Kris’ lawyer (the one that quit last night) said he couldn’t find ANY evidence that Kim “frauded” him, saying he had difficulty gathering evidence from any of the studios that produce a Kardashian TV show.

Kim will also appear in court on April 12 to try and settle the case before they have to go to trial, but since Kris is being a little baby about it, they’ll probably have to wait until May 6 to end this thing.