Kim Kardashian Begged Kanye West for ‘Kris’ Interview

August 23, 2013 By:
Kim Kardashian Begged Kanye West for ‘Kris’ Interview

If it looked like Kanye West wasn’t all that enthused about having a one-on-one interview with Kris Jenner on her daytime talk show—the same interview that’s airing today in its entirety—that’s because he didn’t want to originally.

Life & Style claims that Kim Kardashian had to get between her mom’s request and Kanye’s resistance and basically beg him to do it. For her. For her family. For North West. FOR LOVE.

“Kris had a mini meltdown to the whole family about her show and how the ratings weren’t great and how they weren’t supporting her enough with the show,” a friend told the magazine. “So basically Kris said, ‘Kim, you have to come on the show for the finale.’ But Kim really doesn’t feel ready to do that, so she begged Kanye to do it for her.”

“He reluctantly agreed as long as there was a list of things they could and couldn’t talk about and that it was filmed in advance so that he could see the edited segment,” the source added.

While most clips of the interview are online, and look friendly and cheerful enough (pre-recording it probably helped quell any nerves and insecurities on both Kris and Kanye’s part), what “Kris” is keeping under wraps until airing is a photo Kanye is reputed to show of his daughter North.