Kim and Kanye Jet to Italy

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Kim and Kanye Jet to Italy
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The queen of reality is making a splash in the Mediterranean county known for its tantalizing mountain views and mouth-watering food.

Kim Kardashian—in case you’re keeping a daily tab on her like we are—has jetted off to Italy. Kanye West, her baby daddy, is along for the ride, in what appears to be a post-pregnancy announcement couple’s retreat.  

E! News is reporting the oh-so-vital update on Kim’s itinerary. A video shows Kim bidding her half-hearted farewells to the camera before boarding a plane.

“We're on our way to Italy … Au revoir,” Kim says in the clip, giggling. “Is that how you say it?”

Other than perfecting her pronunciation during their brief babymoon stay in Paris, Kim and Kanye spent some quality time together as future mom and dad.

As we previously reported, the high profile celebrity duo shared a “low-key,” yet paparazzi-filled dinner at L’Avenue restaurant and dropped in at designer stores Lanvin and Celine.

Sources say that the objective of the European excursion is to “chill out” for about a week.

Meanwhile, the sudden move to pack their things and go, on top of the whole baby on board situation, has some gossipers—including those adding to the buzzstream here in the Hollyscoop office—predicting that Kanye might propose to Kim on the trip…

Because, what better way than a perfect getaway to tell your lady she’s your “perfect bitch”?

Then again, there’s the whole problem of “she’s still FREAKIN’ married to Kris Humphries” holding them back. Oh well…