Kate, Fergie, Kim K: Battle Of The Baby Bumps

February 21, 2013 By:
Kate, Fergie, Kim K: Battle Of The Baby Bumps
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Getting pregnant in Hollywood is basically a voluntary withdrawal from ever landing on a Maxim or GQ or AskMen.com “HOT” list for at least 9 months. Unless of course, you are Megan Fox, in which case you will always be hot.  

From Penelope Cruz to Kim Kardashian, in honor of these A-list pregnant ladies, we’ve decided to rank their baby bumps, because what is Hollywood without tons of judging.

7) Kristen Bell: Kristen Bell is pregnant. Did you know that? Probably not. She’s having Dax Shepard’s baby. Her and Dax have been super low-key about it but if you look at pictures of her bump, she looks about 8 months pregnant already!

6) Jenna Dewan: Jenna Dewan just posed in lingerie for Esquire magazine while pregnant, which is a pretty bold move. She should land higher on our list, but let’s be real, what do you know about Jenna besides “being Channing Tatum’s hot wife?”

5) Penelope Cruz: Penelope Cruz is super A-list, but she’s so secretive about her pregnancy that we haven’t seen a single picture of her bump. She could place higher on this list if only she’d walk around in front of the paparazzi once or twice. Fingers crossed she’ll make an appearance at the Oscars.

4) Jessica Simpson: Jessica Simpson’s first pregnancy was arguably the most famous baby bump at that time. Then she got knocked up again a little too quickly and quite frankly, we’re just having déjà-vu. She didn’t even have time to get a new maternity wardrobe.

3) Fergie: Apparently, you guys are HUGE fans of Fergie. The server basically broke when we posted a story that she was pregnant. Because it’s her first kid, she deserves a pretty high spot on the list.

2) Kim Kardashian: You can’t carry Kanye West’s child and it NOT be a huge deal. Also, we have a feeling Kim is going to give Jessica Simpson a run for her money, sizewise, if you know what we mean…

1) Kate Middleton: The future Prince or Princess of the UK is hanging out in Kate Middleton’s baby bump right now. That’s a big deal. A royal bump deserves a special spot on our list. #1