Kardashian Family: The Backlash of Being Overexposed

December 23, 2011 By:
Kardashian Family: The Backlash of Being Overexposed

There are some perks to being a Kardashian: money, lifetime supply of Midori and QuickTrim shakes, big asses, more money...etc...However, this family is quickly becoming one of the most overexposed families on television, heck, not just on television, ever!

Becoming one of the most famous-for-being famous families ever, the Kardashians are starting to gain a lot of haters. Whether they are disliked for planning a $10 million beauty pageant TV Wedding, or getting divorced 72 days later, or whoring out every aspect of their life, The Kardashians are becoming the most bashed family this year.

The most notable Kardashian bashing came from actor Daniel Craig who recently said, "Look at the Kardashians, they're worth millions....You see that and you think, 'What, you mean all I have to do is behave like a f-cking idiot on television and then you'll pay me millions?'"

Verdict: Daniel Craig calls the Kardashians, "f-cking idiot[s]"

A few weeks ago Jonah Hill said, "The fact that the Kardashians could be more popular than a show like 'Mad Men' is disgusting...I can't even understand it," says Hill.

Verdict: Jonah Hill calls the Kardashians "disgusting."

Janice Dickinson doesn't censor at all when talking about Kim Kardashian, but then again, when has she ever.

"Kim Kar-trashian? That fake sham marriage was disgusting because they did it for money...She's a fraud, she's a hoax." says Dickinson.

Verdict: Calls Kim K a "hoax." Mind you she also called "America's Next Top Model" a hoax, so clearly she throws that word around a lot. Also, does Janice know that "hoax" is not a synonym for "trashy"?

Michael Buble, who is a lot more feisty than his voice suggests, one time joked during a concert in NY this November, "Please welcome Kim Kardashian to the stage," but then said, "Nah, just f-cking with you. That b-tch isn't coming on my stage."

Verdict: Michael Buble calls Kim K a "b-tch."

Nurse Jackie actress Edie Falco cannot figure out why the Kardashians are even famous. Hey Edie Falco, neither can I.

"Who are these people and why are they famous and why are they advertising things and being asked their opinions about things? I just don't understand what these people did to be in a position of having everyone ask their opinions about stuff...It's actually frightening," reams Falco.

Girl, I've been asking myself the same thing.

Verdict: Edie Falco confused by Kardashians. Calls them "frightening."

Cher, admits she's never actually seen Keeping Up With The Kardashians but has these scathing words for the famous family.

"Never saw a Kardashian but these Bitches should b Drop kicked down a freeway!" tweets Cher.

Wow, harsh words. Also, "drop kicked down a freeway"? Does Cher know that the Kardashians just DATE sport stars but don't actually participate in them?

Mariah Carey also hinted at the Kardashians when she bashed Kim Kardashians short lived marriage, by likening it to her own public marriage to Nick Cannon.

"I'm a real person, I'm not going to put on a fake face for Hollywood. Sometimes we make each other mad, that's why we aren't divorced after four months. I'm sorry! I'm just saying!"

Verdict: Mariah Carey is funny.