Bret Lockett Admits He's Never Met Kim Kardashian

June 13, 2011 By:
Bret Lockett Admits He's Never Met Kim Kardashian

Bret Lockett messed with the bull, and now he’s getting the 20-carat, diamond encrusted horns.

Lockett has been claiming a “physical relationship” with Kim Kardashian, but I guess his helmet’s on too tight, because he doesn’t seem to know what “physical” means. Or “relationship”, for that matter.

After claiming he and Kim had a hookup while she was dating fiancé Kris Humphries, Lockett finally admitted to Showbiz Tonight that he’s never actually met Kim.

“When I said it was a physical relationship I meant there was a physical aspect to the relationship,” Lockett admitted. “Did I mean that I saw her in person? No.”

So, apparently, being obsessed with someone and fantasizing a relationship now constitutes hooking up. I don’t know if this guy thought that, because he plays sports, he’s somehow entitled to some Kardashian love, but Kim isn’t having any of it. Kardashian’s lawyers are drafting a defamation lawsuit against Lockett that may be filed as early as Monday morning.

In Touch magazine posted the headline: “Kim caught cheating”, with Lockett claiming he has proof that the two engaged in a relationship. Lockett says he has intimate photos and text messages from Kardashian. If it’s true, he’ll need them for evidence.