8 Celebs We Think Would Pay $500 to Poop Gold

December 9, 2012 By:
8 Celebs We Think Would Pay $500 to Poop Gold

Like the rest of the human race, the always charismatic characters that make up the Hollyscoop office tend to let their minds and their Google searches wander from time to time. 

And, when we do, we sometimes land on things like this:

Gold Pills,” by Tobias Wong & J.A.R.K.—a dietary supplement designed to make you shat 24K golden-leafed glitter poop. 

The price of the golden digestion endeavor? $425…

Sure, this sounds absolutely ludicrous for us non-famous, normal-minded individuals of world. But for celebs, who frankly have waaaay more money than they know what to do with, $425 for golden pooh could seem like a reasonable exchange.

Here are the first celebs we think might jump on to the trend. 

Ke$ha: OF COURSE Ke$ha would be all over this one. In my mind, I see the 24-year-old sitting on the can with all her male dancers around her doing interpretive moves…There’s a music video here, I know it!

Lindsay Lohan: Another pill to add to her collection. And, knowing Lindsay, she’d find a way to overdose on it.  

Kim Kardashian: Because, really… If anybody’s going to jump on the gold-shatting bandwagon, it’s the girl who's constantly coming up with more ways to line her bank account with gold. Why not do the same with her toilet?

I can’t wait to see her first twitpic of a floater!

Kanye: Let’s face it, if Kim’s sh*tting gold, Kanye’s sh*tting gold too. 

Ryan Lochte: “To go with all his gold medals,” one HS staffer said, adding, “and his grill.”

And, being the pool-pee-er that he is, you’d know when to get out of the water when you see glitter floating nearby.

Mariah Carey: If Queen Mariah doesn’t already sh*t gold, she surely would be open to the opportunity of doing so.

Simon Cowell: The guy has black toilet paper. Why not accessorize that custom-made butt paper with skid stains from his glitzed-up man mud?

I feel like Simon might be one of the few to man-up enough and openly admit he uses gold poop…

P. Diddy: Making it rain in a whole new kid of way… Yeah, I’ll leave you with that image. Enjoy!