10 Best Kim Kardashian Internet Searches

December 4, 2012 By:
10 Best Kim Kardashian Internet Searches

Kim Kardashian was just named Yahoo’s Most Searched person of 2012. Meaning, more people searched for Kim K than any other celebrity, person, or even any of the presidential candidates this year. This is perfectly believable yet entirely the reason why Google is my search engine of choice.

You know that thing when you look for something in a search engine and it predicts what you might have been searching for? In honor of Kim’s momentous occasion, we’ve rounded up the funniest “searched for terms” when looking up Kim K online. Oh and they get weird.

1)   “Is Kim Kardashian gaining weight?” – Somebody wants to know NOT “DID Kim K gain weight” but “IS she gaining weight?” like, as of this very moment, is Kim K gaining weight? I don’t know, what’s she eating?

2)   “Kim Kardashian Has Herpes” – Somebody obviously wants to make-out with Kim Kardashian.

3)   “Kim Kardashian Has No Talent” – I will not comment on this. But yes, the answer is yes.

4)   “Kim Kardashian Khloe Babies” – Not only does this search make zero sense, this search is entirely a result of Khloe Kardashian refreshing the search page.

5)   “Kim Kardashian Was Prettier Before” – “Was prettier before” what? Someone finish this phrase! When was she prettier!? Because I Googled “Kim Kardashian old pics” and I can safely say she is “prettier after.”

6)   “Kim Kardashian Went To Subway” – Yeah, Kim Kardashian probably went to Subway at least once in her life. Those $5 dollar footlongs are a GREAT deal.

7)   “Kim Kardashian Went Into Hiding” – Apparently Kim Kardashian went into hiding after divorcing Kris Humphries. If by “went into hiding” you mean, going to red carpet events to promote her Kardashian Kollection for Sears and creating a paparazzi frenzy at LAX, then yes, she went into hiding so hard.

8)   “Kim Kardashian likes lil durk” – I read this really fast and I thought it said something else. Get your mind out of the gutter and yeah, ok, you know what I thought I read. Apparently there is a rapper named Lil Durk and Kim K likes him.

9)   "Kim Kardashian Likes Only Black Men" – That is NOT true. Kris Humphries was half white!

10) "Kim Kardashian Sounds Nasally" – Oh, I think they meant to say Kourtney Kardashian, but I’m not a nasal expert.