Khloe Has Given up on Lamar and Moved On

September 19, 2013 By:
Khloe Has Given up on Lamar and Moved On
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After all the back-and-forth in the Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom drama, the wondering, the ring wearing, the sexy selfies, Khloe has finally moved on.

“She is still obviously very upset, but life is starting to move on for her and for the rest of the family,” a source told E! News, “No more interventions, no more trying to save him.”

Khloe’s Instagram has taken an equally somber turn as well.

She posted this unsettling photo this morning which seems to scream loud and clear just how sad she is, despite all the selfie posting and seemingly upbeat attitude.

Apparently Khloe gave Lamar an ultimatum and he just didn’t care. He is completely checked out of life.

“Khloe gave Lamar an ultimatum: If he didn’t get help, she’d end the marriage. So far, he’s ignoring her.”

“It’s not at the point where she’s ready to file divorce papers, but she’s pretty much given up trying to save the marriage.”

However, another source says that they believe this will no doubt end in divorce and none of her family members are encouraging her to reach out to Lamar anymore.

“They just want to support her and keep her spirits up,” says the source.