Kendra Clears Up Rumors of a Rift

July 30, 2008 By:
Kendra Clears Up Rumors of a Rift

Are Hugh Hefner's "Girls Next Door" really as close as they appear on their hit show? There have been endless rumors of a rift between Kendra Wilkinson and the other two girlfriends, Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt, which has reportedly made it almost unbearable for Kendra to stay at the mansion.

Hollyscoop was at the “Ryan Sheckler X Games Celebrity Skins Classic” golf tournament on Tuesday, where we got a one on one with Kendra, and had her address those pesky rumors once and for all.

In regards to the rumors of a rift between the girls:

"You gotta understand we live at the playboy mansion where there are seriously like people surrounding us 24/7. There could be one person in that whole place that is twisting stuff that they see around. It's not like we have to wake up and go to a business job or whatever, we live in a business."

In regards to where rumors start:

"People come in the mansion, playmates and never know what peoples intentions are. I don’t trust anybody, I don’t talk to anybody, I don’t care. People who are spreading these rumors are just haters, its all jealously. I stand my ground, I don’t really care about anybody else, except my family and my real friends."

Kendra on how fame has changed her life:

"I don’t drink to get drunk anymore, I'm 23 now. You see me grow up on the show, people always come up to me and say, "you’re the crazy drunk one." It's hard, people still think of me as that girl three years ago."

On life after the Playboy Mansion:

"Well just do normal things, go to school have a boyfriend, kids, just normal shit."

To check out our exclusive interview, click on the video below.