Kelly Clarkson: Why I Won't Become a 'Bridezilla'

February 7, 2013 By:
Kelly Clarkson: Why I Won't Become a 'Bridezilla'

The beaming “American Idol” vet is low maintenance. At least according to her.

As Kelly Clarkson works out the details for her upcoming wedding, she refuses to let the stress turn her into a crazy person. She promises that, even though there’s still a lot to be done, she’s “not going to be a bridezilla.”

She told People magazine that, in fact, she’s “going to be the exact opposite” of that.

“I'm going to be like, 'Oh, the cake fell off the porch, that's fine. Cool, something's on fire, cool, whatever, we'll move it. We'll get married over there,'" she said. "I'm going to be that girl.”

And we'd expect nothing less from the laid back star.

One thing that is out of the way for the planning committee is the music. Blake Shelton has offered up his services to the 30-year-old and her husband-to-be, Brandon Blackstock, who just so happens to be the “Voice” coach’s manager.

“I am going on the record saying, I will do the music at the wedding or whatever you want to do, I’ll be that guy,” Shelton previously told Hollysoop. “I will play for four hours if I have to, cause you need to get your head out of you’re a-- and ask that girl to marry you.”

As we learned in December, it was Shelton who convinced Blackstock to propose in the first place.

Kelly added, “I never really thought I'd get married, so it's kind of cool that I fell in love and I'm getting married.”