Katy Perry Slams Anti-Gay Politician

August 16, 2013 By:
Katy Perry Slams Anti-Gay Politician

Katy Perry got into a heated altercation on an Australian radio show with a politician who is opposed to gay rights. 

Speaking from America, Katy served as a guest on the program, where the show’s hosts had a panel of high-profile Aussies ask her questions.

One of those individuals was Tony Abbot, the opposition leader to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in the country’s upcoming elections. He said his two daughters are big fans of the singer and asked, “When are you coming back [to Australia]?”

Katy’s response? “Oh come on, that’s not a political question. Let’s talk about gay marriage.”

That’s when the show’s host informed listeners that Tony is against same-sex unions in Australia and Katy let loose.

“I like you as a human being,” Katy said to the politician, “but I can’t give you my vote. I just don’t believe in your policies so that’s what a lot of people should be doing [speaking out on gay marriage].”

One of the radio show’s hosts, Jackie O played moderator to the discourse. She concluded, “I’m sure he’s still a fan, Katy, even though you gave it to him.”

To which Katy joked, “If he lets me into the country.”