Kate Moss Openly Talks Drugs & Anorexia

July 16, 2013 By:
Kate Moss Openly Talks Drugs & Anorexia

She might have been the poster child for the “heroin chic” trend during the '90s, but Kate Moss is no heroin addict, says Kate Moss. 

Kate claims she never did smack, she thinks people must have been confusing her “smudged eyeliner” for a drug addiction.

“The heroin, I was like, 'Oh, it's ridiculous. I know I don't do heroin. Just because I wear a bit of black eyeliner that's smudged...'” Kate told Allure.

Kate, sorry to break it to you, but it wasn’t your eyeliner that made us think you were doing heroin.

While we’re at it, Kate also slammed any rumors that she was anorexic.


“It was horrible, especially the anorexic thing," says Kate, “The anorexic thing was a lot more upsetting, to be held responsible for somebody's illness. I wasn't anorexic."

So what she’s saying is, she ONLY did cocaine. And this isn’t slander, there are photos of her doing MANY lines of coke from back in the day.

She also previously admitted to her addiction and said, “I take full responsibility for my actions,” which is kind of a half-admission.

Kate’s career is an interesting one. Her fee actually doubled after the cocaine scandal, making her one of the most in-demand and expensive models ever.

However, now Kate uses body doubles for her shoots. Kate was recently spotted doing an add for Stuart Weitzman with a much younger look-alike who filmed a portion of the ad, leading everyone to believe that the only thing “Kate” in the finished product is her face.