Topless Kate Middleton Photos Paparazzi To Be Arrested

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Topless Kate Middleton Photos Paparazzi To Be Arrested
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Thanks to super strict paparazzi laws in France, the paparazzi responsible for taking nude photo of Kate Middleton while on vacation in France with Prince William, is about to get jail time.

Apparently the name of the photographer was snitched to detectives investigating the case, because unlike Hollywood where celebrities parade around The Grove waiting to get spotted by a camera, over in Europe they are super pro-privacy.

In case you forgot about the topless Kate Middleton scandal, let me jog your memory. Kate and William were on vacation and sunbathing topless as Europeans usually do.

A paparazzi standing almost a mile away took photos of them with some kind of mutant zoom lens and then sold the photos to French magazine, Closer

Then Kate and William started suing the hell out of everyone and Closer magazine had to pull the photos.

William is now asking that the photographer be arrested now that they know his name.

If the guy is found guilty of taking the pictures, he can be jailed for up to one year and fined $30,000 for breach of privacy.

Like I said, they take privacy real seriously over there.

“A name has been offered,” a source tells Daily Mail, “The photographer is expected to be held for questions imminently.”