See Kate Middleton's Official Portrait

January 11, 2013 By:
See Kate Middleton's Official Portrait
Image By: AP

This is a painting of Kate Middleton. What do you think? Pretty lifelike, huh? Like it might come to life at any moment, right?

This is the official portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge, as created by UK artist Paul Emsley, and is featured at the National Portrait Gallery.

Kate and Will, plus her parents and siblings headed to the unveiling of the painting this morning, making this Kate’s second official outing since she announced her pregnancy.

Side note: Kate’s baby bump wasn’t showing AT ALL. Damn, some girls have all the luck.

Kate’s reaction to the portrait? “I thought it was brilliant.” Prince William called the image, “absolutely beautiful.”

To be fair, the portrait kind of looks like it might be hanging in an old haunted house as the photo of the mistress who lived there in the “olden days,” but died of cholera or something? That being said, Kate looks gorgeous!

The photo is currently hanging in a gallery that also features a nude portrait of David Beckham, which sounds awesome. Apparently they are looking for a new place to move the Beckham portrait, you know, because he's naked and all. 

The artist says his intent with the portrait was to “convey [Kate’s] natural self as opposed to her official self. I was always aware of the fact that we would use the hair very much as a kind of frame for the face.”