The Duchess Is Just Like You

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The Duchess Is Just Like You
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Royals! They’re just like us! Okay, not at all but I can actually name three instances where Kate Middleton is JUST LIKE US.

Kate is reportedly holed up at her house (Palace?) watching box sets of award-winning drama Homeland. She's recovering from her recent hospital stay and is addicted to the show. 

So yeah, Kate Middleton is a fan of Homeland. You’re a fan of Homeland!? Oh my god, you guys should hang out and have a Homeland marathon! BFFs 4 LYFE!

We don’t know why this is surprising, we just assumed that the only television Kate would ever watch would be old black and white home videos played on a hand-crank operated projector. Or Downton Abbey, we're pretty positive she watches Downton Abbey.

Not only that, but Kate was also spotted returning to her commoner roots by walking her dog to Starbucks.

She just walked there, and ordered a decaf coffee and a cookie LIKE US MERE MORTALS.

She even paid with a Starbucks card! So normal!

Then, we hear that Kate and William regularly like to hang out at this janky dive bar. Obviously, Kate has to put the pub trips on hold until the baby arrives, but I’m not surprised to hear that these two love to hang out at a super crappy dive bar that we hear is the size of a walk-in closet. Before Kate became royalty, these two were PARTY ANIMALS.

Don't believe me? Didn’t you ever wonder where Prince Harry gets his wild streak?