Royal Family Does The 'Harlem Shake'

March 11, 2013 By:
Royal Family Does The 'Harlem Shake'

Because our culture can’t go a single day without a catchy song and accompanying viral video to provide a pesky distraction during our work day…here’s the umpteenth “Harlem Shake” video, this time featuring the royal family.

Okay, it’s not actually the royal family, but it’s a pretty great bunch of look-a-likes getting down to that stupid Harlem Shake song, errr except these are British people, so they probably call it “a right laugh” or “having a gas” or “buffoonery.”

Prince Harry, naturally, is the one to ignite the Harlem shaking, because he’s the “fun one.” The Prince William impersonator is dead-on but Kate Middleton's doppelganger could use some more character study. 

At one point, he’s wearing a Deadmau5 headpiece. Real clever guys, we get it. It’s funny because they’re royals and you wouldn't expect it. 

The woman playing the Queen struts her stuff as she swirls a purple hanky around with flare. The Queen is FIERCE!

The video was created by a travel agency called My Destination. They also have a video of two impersonators playing Charles and Camilla and giving you a tour around London. Sorry, but hanging out with Camilla sounds like the opposite of anything we want to do.

If you want to clown with the fiercest royals around, check out the video below.