Royal Expert Reveals Will and Kate’s Future Hideout

July 22, 2013 By:
Royal Expert Reveals Will and Kate’s Future Hideout

Baby Cambridge has arrived! After nine months of anxious waiting, the historic moment is here. The future potential King of England has been born!

Very little is known about the baby, but royal expert Charlie Jacoby gave us the scoop on what we can expect from the royal parents in the coming days after they emerge from the hospital.

“Prince William has a statutory two weeks paternity leave,” Charlie tells Hollyscoop, “The rumor is they will head for the village of Bucklebury in Berkshire where Kate was born, went to junior school and grew up, and where her parents still live.”

Bucklebury is exactly the same place where Kate has been staying for the last month at her mother’s place, so apparently she’s heading back there.

The royal baby is now third in line to ascend the throne and according to Charlie, the people of England are rooting for a King after reigning Queens for so long.

“There is a current feeling in London, with the fountains of Trafalgar Square lit blue that tells you all you need to know. We’re delighted,” says Charlie.

So far the palace hasn’t released the name of the child and Charlie tells us, “It’s surprising the baby doesn’t have a name already, [but] there is no royal tradition of announcing the name at the same time as announcing the birth.”

As for his best guess on the child’s name, “Bookmakers put George as favorite and I have to go with that. My money is on George Andrew David.”