Prince William and Kate Middleton Moving To $20M "Cottage"

January 9, 2013 By:
Prince William and Kate Middleton Moving To $20M
Image By: The Telegraph

Goodbye Kensington Palace. Prince William and Kate Middleton are going to raise their baby in the countryside, where none of that city life can corrupt her, and out of the prying eyes of those damn Royal Watchers.

Well, maybe. I’m not sure, the Queen gave William an entire cottage on the grounds of her Sandringham estate back in June, but now she’s apparently going to officially hand over the cottage, because before it was more like a vacation rental but NOW they totally own the house. 

Also, the “cottage” is actually more like a mansion with window shutters and bricks, because here in America, whenever something has window shutters, we call it a cottage. Their new pad is called Anmer Hall in Norfolk and is situated about 2 miles from the Queen’s home at Sandringham.

Basically, they will split their time between the country home and apartment 1A at Kensington Palace, where they were living, but is now under construction.

Their kid is going to be all like, “uhh, sorry teacher I don’t have my homework because I left it at our country home, but I can have one of those guys in the tall black hats take a horse over to the country and retrieve it?”

Apparently Will cannot wait to move into Anmer Hall, “He’s a country boy and loves Norfolk, just like his father and his grandparents. It’s a lovely, peaceful place and William adores it," the source ads.