Prince William and Kate Middleton Move to Prepare for Baby

November 30, 2012 By:
Prince William and Kate Middleton Move to Prepare for Baby

So those “Kate Middleton is pregnant” rumors are probably happening.

A source close to the royal couple has revealed that they are moving into a new place, a new house that’s more baby-ready.

They could also just be moving into a new place, but let’s make this about her lady parts, ok?

Kate and Prince William have been living in a cottage for the past year, but that apparently was just their year-1 starter home and they are moving into their permanent place this summer, Apartment 1A at London’s Kensington Palace.

But their version of an “apartment” is not what you and I call an apartment, they are moving into a 4 story, 20-room “apartment,” so, it’s kind of an apartment/mansion.

The reason they don’t live there currently is because it’s getting a $1.5 million renovation, aka BABY PROOFING.

A close friend tells Us Weekly, “A baby is the main reason for the move.” 

The couple have apparently “been on such a high since getting married,” and can’t wait any longer to become parents.

“It’s time for the next step,” adds the source, “Kate is hoping she and William can become parents in 2013.”

Also, they need to have an heir to ensure that prince Harry never ascends the throne. If something happened to William, his child would become King (or Queen) before Harry.

Not that Harry wouldn’t do a good job, but c’mon. Harry? As king? Sorry, I just choked on my own laughter for a second.