Kate Middleton Embraces Mom Role

December 4, 2012 By:
Kate Middleton Embraces Mom Role

In the midst of all the excitement surrounding Kate Middleton’s pregnancy, the collective mind of the general public has asked just about every question imaginable so far. And one of those questions was answered today: How will Kate be as a mom?

The answer is amazing, of course…

A friend of the Duchess of Cambridge assures Us Weekly, that the 30-year-old British stunner will do swimmingly in the new mom role,

saying that she already embodies motherly characteristics.

“Kate will be a firm but fair mother,” the friend said. 

“Kate will let her children have fun and freedom, but she will also make sure they do what is best for them,” the pal added.

According to the report, Kate and her Prince Charming, Prince William, will raise their child in Apartment 1A of Kensington Palace. The couple is currently living in a Welsh cottage. They will relocate by the time the baby arrives, whenever that may be…

And, if things get a little too heated in baby care, they always have the support of Kate’s super parents to turn to in their time of need.

“William loves being at Kate's parents' house for the weekend,” another friend source added. “I can imagine them spending summer visits at their grandmother and grandfather's.”

Not to mention the support of the doting staff that comes with the titles “Prince” and “Princess.:

Siblings Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton are said to be super excited about the baby news, as well. Pippa and Kate are practically bonded at the hip and “share everything,” and—even though the new child will bump Harry back in the line of heirs to the throne—the redheaded firecracker reportedly remains in good spirits.

Meanwhile Snooki—yes the Snooki—shares this advice to Kate:

“It's hard, but don't stress out!” she said. “Enjoy your pregnancy and be excited.”