Kate and Will's Royal Baby Name Revealed

April 8, 2013 By:
Kate and Will's Royal Baby Name Revealed
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It's the most anticipated baby name of the decade, which is pretty surprising since there's nothing exactly surprising about any of these revealed names.

But because of its heir-to-the-throne status and Kate Middleton's approaching delivery date, speculation is higher than ever. Everyone wants to know what name they'll be mumbling while bowing before its gilded crib.

According to a source close to the palace, the names are already on lock and will pay tribute to Prince William's heritage. Royal drumroll, please...

If it's a boy: Philip.

"The name Philip is in the frame for a boy," the source reveals to the Daily Star. "It will certainly have it somewhere in his name…It's popular with them at the moment and could even be the first name as William is very fond of his grandfather."

If it's a girl: Elizabeth or Diana.

If it is a girl and Will and Kate are smart, they'll put an end to this never-ending feud between Elizabeth and Diana once and for all by putting the two together and naming her Elizabeth Diana, officially calling it a draw.

Because we live in a day and age where celebs try to defy the English language with the most bizarre baby names ever, it's quite refreshing to know Kate and Will are sticking with the classics. You know, stuff you can actually pronounce using the English alphabet.

If there's one thing we can count on, it's that the royal baby won't be named Beetroot of Wales, Corduroy Mountbatten-Windsor, or whatever else Gwyneth Paltrow considered naming her kids.