How Much the Royal Baby and Family are Worth

July 15, 2013 By:
How Much the Royal Baby and Family are Worth

You want to know something—anything—about the royal baby? Sure you do.

At this time, with no name, gender, or due date known whatsoever (the original 5-to-1 odds were that Kate Middleton would give birth on Sunday, the 14th, better known as YESTERDAY), this baby is driving everyone up the wall with how media-shy it’s being. 

Here’s a number for you then that should put this whole royal baby nonsense into perspective: it’s worth $1 billion. This kid’s not even born yet and already has more money to its name than the GDP of some small island nations.

British retail sales are already flying off the charts, according to the Centre for Retail Research, who’ve estimated that the country’s economy will get more than a $375 million boost this summer following the birth thanks to “royal baby”-related merchandise and celebrations.

There’s also the issue of an inheritance with more players involved than the cast of "Downton Abbey."

Here’s how everyone in the royal family’s net worth stacks up…

Queen Elizabeth – $450 million

Prince Charles – $60 million

Princess Diana – $55 million (at the time of her death)

Prince William – $40 million

Prince Harry – $40 million

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge – $1 million

Put all those numbers together and there’s a potential inheritance of over $1 billion to be passed on through the royal family tree.